Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rooms in game so far!

There are five rooms in club puffle so far but there will be more!
Here they are:

1. NINJAODARK V.I.P.(Very Important Puffle) room

2. Card Jitsu Water room

3. Beach room

4. Jungle room

5. Plaza room

How to create an account!

To create your account you need to do next:
1. Click on NEW?

2. Put your username, password, Parent's/Your Email Address, and when you're done, click the Register New User!

THAT'S IT! You can now play the game! Just enter your username and password, choose color and PLAY NOW!

Start screen!

This is a start screen of Club Puffle! Before you can play your game you must create your account! I will guide you how to make it in post up ahead!